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Hats off to those of you who have just entered the elegant world of Minnetonka, an exclusive online shoe store where Minnetonk-aholics come to live out their most stylish dreams.  We are an official retailer of this severely coveted brand, providing South Africans with the elite Minnetonka range which, until now, could only be purchased overseas.  On our site you will find a superior selection of Minnetonka Moccasins and Boots for the sophisticated online shopper of exceptional taste.

All it takes is a few manicured clicks to order the pair you simply cannot go without on our exclusive website.  We don’t like to keep Fashion Goddesses like you waiting, so expect nothing less than a direct delivery to your door within a few short days.  

When street-styling it up in your new Minnetonka Moccasins or Boots anticipate a flourish of snaps and bright flashes as you flit about as the celebrities do.  Don’t be surprised to find your fabulous new look splashed all over the glossies alongside the likes of Kate Moss or Nicole Richie rocking their Ankle-high Trampers or Calf-high Triple Fringes like bohemian princesses.

Anyway, in the mind of us all at Minnetonka, anyone who wears a pair is an iridescent star.

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